Zap! Extra Loom Bracelets

6 - 12
ISBN 9781743632727
Product Type Gift Set , 48 pages
Product Size 190 x 260mm
Publication Date 1 Aug 14

Do you want to create cool loom bracelets and accessories out of bright, colourful bands? Then Zap! Extra Loom Bracelets is for you! Packed with everything you need to make seriously awesome bracelets, this kit contains a 48-page book full of step-by-step instructions to make loads of amazing projects. This kit includes: a bracelet loom, 600 bright elastic bands, 24 bracelet clasps, a crochet hook and a 48-page book.

What's Included

  • kit includes, bracelet loom
  • 600 elastic bands
  • 24 bracelet clasps
  • a crochet hook and a 48-page book