Zap! Extra: Magical Nail Art

ISBN 9781488914058
Product Type Kit
Product Size 260 mm x 190 mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 19

This kit transforms the humble nail-polish set into a realm of enchantment. It contains everything tweens need to know to create mystical, magical and completely fantastical nail art: a popular purple shade of nail polish plus a practical white nail polish to dot and draw with, both with an awesome dual-ended applicator (one side is a brush, the other a fine nib, so that you can paint, dot and draw with precision); a shimmering sheet of magical nail stickers; a pot of glorious glitter; and a 48-page book bursting with fantastical projects and tips and tricks. The book introduces kids to foundational techniques and includes 15 step-by-step projects to master. Kids will love showing off their pastel unicorn, fiery phoenix, spilled-potion nail art and so many more wondrous designs.

What's Included

  • 1 nail polish with dual-ended applicator (1 side with nail pen, the other end with nail brush)
  • 1 star-shaped purple nail polish
  • 2 tubes of glitter
  • 1 full-colour sheet of magical nail stickers
  • 1 toe-separator
  • 1 roll of holographic foil tape with bonus holographic foil stickers
  • A 48-page book bursting with fantastical projects and tips and tricks