Zap! Extra: Mix 'n' Make Lip Care Kit

by Lisa Mallett-Zimmerman, Liz Ungar and Clare Mayhew
ISBN 9781488919947
Product Type Kit
Product Size 190 x 260 x 35mm
Publication Date 1 Feb 21

Want to learn how to create luscious lip balms and nurturing lip scrubs? 
Zap! Extra Mix and Make: Lip Balm Kit contains a 48-page book filled with information about lip care, plus step-by-step instructions for making your very own glossy lip balms and simple lip scrubs, as well as the ingredients to get started straight away! 
Learn how to care for your lips, including sun protection and hydration, and how to choose the best products for your skin type. Then, follow the recipes to make 12 different lip balms and scrubs. From chocolate-flavoured to berry-scented to shimmer and shine, there’s a gorgeous range of lip treatments for you to make and enjoy.

• 18g shea butter
• 5g wax chips
• 1 bottle of berry fragrance
• 3 empty lip balm tubes
• 1 stirring stick
• 1 sheet of decorative stickers
• 48-page book