Zap! Extra: Nail Art Studio (2020 Ed)

by Lorna Davidson, Heather Hammonds and Jaclyn Crupi
ISBN 9781488942464
Product Type Kit
Product Size 190 x 260 x 40mm
Publication Date 1 May 20

Beginner nail art enthusiasts will get spectacular results with Nail Art Studio, packed full of the nail art tips and tricks that professional nail artists ‘file’ under TOP SECRET! The 48-page book in this value-packed kit contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for fab nail designs and crafty creations! 

This kit contains everything the would-be nail artist needs to create their own nail designs, including nail wraps, nail file, dotting tool, sponge, striping tape and fancy stickers!

• 1 sticker sheet
• 2 dotting tools
• 2 wedge sponges
• 20m roll of striping tape
• Nail wraps
• Nail file
• 48-page book