Zap! Extra: Spiro Art

ISBN 9781488914119
Product Type Kit
Product Size 260 mm x 190 mm
Publication Date 1 Sep 19

Since the 1960s, Spiro art has allowed artists of all ages to create intricate, mind-bending and eye-pleasing designs. This ultimate Spiro art kit taps into this retro-cool artform but also brings a fresh, contemporary edge to engage a whole new generation of kids! With a whopping array of spiro art and craft components plus a 48-page book that is swirling with step-by-step projects to do everything from spiro doodle-art (it’s a lion, no it’s an aeroplane, no it’s a hot-air balloon!) to specialised cards and bunting that kids can use to personalise their presents and space.


What's Included

  • 15-piece spiro set (with different sized gears, and novelty-shaped gears)
  • 1 strip adhesive spiro putty
  • 4 gel pens (3 metallic and 1 sparkly)
  • 2 backing cards
  • 1 metre (3.29 ft) of yellow string